Active communication between schools, parents and students


General organization

Miro whiteboard


  • Quantitative Research (Form)
  • Qualitative Research (Interviews)



Job Stories

Job Stories

Heuristic Analysis

Heuristic Analysis


Modified 10 plus 10

Mind map

User Journey

User journey


  1. Improve our knowledge of the new persona representing schools;



User Flow

User flow

Scribble frame

Scribble frame

High Fidelity Prototype

Prototype screens

Tests with users

  1. Find task tips;
  2. Submit a task;
  3. View history of recent events;
  4. Find student’s performance in a subject;
  5. Find class’ schedule;
  6. Discover class syllabus;
  7. Talk to the teacher;
  8. Interact with colleagues.


Other considerations

  • Highlighting backlogs and what has already been seen in history may help the user;
  • Class icon on the menu doesn’t make much sense to be a chapel;
  • On the class screen, the test of adding buttons that lead to the menu, calendar or subjects is worth testing, which can make it easier to find information;
  • Creating arelationship between the calendar and the subjects can improve the experience. The same relationship holds for the task;
  • The interaction between children is very debatable among those involved, as they are very young, children are often not allowed to use a cell phone, they can end up harming each other and the blame can return to schools;

the prototype below is navigable and testable.

Trust in the process

Listen to people

Define the problem well and don’t get attached to the solution


Diverse team

Take the risk and don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Did you notice that the app still doesn’t have a name?




Understanding user needs to provide greater solutions

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Leonardo Roque

Leonardo Roque

Understanding user needs to provide greater solutions

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